Pay Per Click

Our pay per click service can achieve you a host of marketing goals including brand exposure, lead submission or subscriptions and ecommerce sale all at the same time. Our ppc sevice supply measurable and tractable supports in order for you to gauge the effectiveness of our ppc add campaigns. Through our pp. service we push the boundaries in winning Google ad auctions in flexible budgets. Our services includes

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PPC strategy development

We help clients in developing a sustainable PPC marketing strategy with limited marketing budget. With our PPC strategy you can expect to get better results over time in gaining visibility and traffic. .  We make valuable ppc strategies which deliver most impressions and clicks to your ads.

PPC research

Keyword research is extremely important because the entire ppc campaign is built around the keywords that is why we help clients in finding long tail, low cost and highly relevant keywords that drive more traffic to their websites.  PPC keyword research is the laborious task but we do it with diligence because we know that effectiveness of search ads is highly dependable on keyword research.

PPC optimization

We provide effective PPC optimization service to clients by helping them with improving different elements of their ads to earn you more clicks and ultimately more conversions. We work on optimizing different element your ads such as ads copy, image, design, keyword and ad landing page to enhance your PPC campaigns.

Campaign setup

Set up a wining PPC campaigns with us backed by result driven PPC strategy which can help your brand get extreme exposure. Our well research campaigns put targeted ads in front of the right audience that results in your profitability.

Turnkey PPC campaigns

Our turnkey ppc campaigns entails Google adword generation, advertisement creation, managing bids for your PPC campaigns and creating landing pages for your search ads. We put forth all efforts to impact and improve your paid search rankings through our turnkey campaigns

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